Dmitry Orlov

Here’s a 2:41 teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler from Mike Ferrigan’s featured interview with Dmitry Orlov:
And here’s the recording of the show!

00:10 Music – IPCC by Baba Brinkman
00:43 Introduction, Mike Ferrigan, Host
02:59 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Dmitry Orlov
36:55 Benjamin the Donkey – The Blind Men Were Irrelevant       
39:25 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes      
54:15 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker
67:00 John Compost Cossham – A Diary Entry
72:20 Benjamin the Donkey – Pre-Doomers
73:41 Lisa White – Holding Both/And as a Gift to Ourselves and Each Other
86:44 Michael Adzema – Nuclear Sanity Activism
96:42 Peter Melton – International Day of Peace
107:26 Robert Preece (Bob the Poet) – Learning to Let Go
112:10 Sign-Off, Mike Ferrigan, Host; Music – IPCC by Baba Brinkman

Author: ExtinctionRadio

A Study of Near-Term Human Extinction

8 thoughts on “Dmitry Orlov”

  1. I can’t believe that Dmitry Orlov actually said that the LGBTQ rights movement was a part of the CIA agenda in order to cause chaos within the American society. I’ve always had a little problem with this man, but now he’s finally put a finger on why I don’t like him. I mean, like wow…


  2. His stuff about society, tradition, LGBT CIA conspiracy was incomprehensible, but sounded mostly like white separatism. It might not be what he meant, but it sounded like it.
    LGBT agenda by CIA (nothing to do with years of persecution by “traditional” society) …. you can’t claim territory for your own kind…. you don’t have to hate everyone not your own kind….just a celebration of your own kind….leaves plenty of room for everybody else (to live on their own turf).
    He says that LGBT-cultural-marxism is being deployed to destroy culture, but also says that culture – being mostly suburban and nuclear – is an invention of the oil industry (and CIA etc) designed to sell oil.
    That would mean that he’s moaning about one government invented society (the nuclear-urban-suburban- generally-right-wing one) being replaced by another government created society (the lefty-sexually-liberal one).
    So where is the “traditional” family-oriented society that is under threat here ?


  3. ….and before the CIA/Rockefellers/Whatever invented the suburban family, societies were chiefly invented, in America, Europe and Russia by religion – monogamous, hetero, god fearing rural communities made to suit the needs of the church/empire, stretching all the way back to Emperor Constantine. And those god fearing, monogamous, hetero “traditional” societies spent a lot of energy evangelising and converting non-christian societies around the world, and are still doing it.


  4. I suppose if the CIA has gone from sponsoring right wing coups, christian missionaries, “traditional” values and generally killing communists all over the place, to becoming LGBT friendly and adopting Frankfurt School communism then it’s like the church finally stopping the witch burning. One step at a time, eh ? Don’t worry, though, they still help governments in the middle east to hold on to their old traditional values.
    Re: Tim Leary and the CIA psychedelic plot to degenerate America. Maybe. So how is that going ? Given that the population of the USA dominate the world it’s hard to see LSD as socially crippling just because a few of them drop acid. And given that the elites who introduced psychedelics and took them in their own lives seem to be pretty dominant still, one wonders just how bad for you that stuff is ? Maybe Mr Orlov’s nature mysticism includes deep connection experiences with nature without the aid of drugs. But maybe other people find a deep mystery in nature by using some of those conspiratorial, deadly CIA drugs. Maybe it does things like cure them of alcoholism, or fear of death. Or maybe they run out and become gay communists chewing away at the social fabric instead 🙂 As Mr Kalashnikov must have noted, it’s amazing what happens to things the government promote for their own purposes once they get out into the wild.


    1. Yeah, I think that you’ve nailed it on how questionable Mr. Orlov’s ideas truly are. He seems to feel that he’s an iconoclast but he sounds just like a disgruntled right-winger.


      1. Yeah I did wonder, briefly, if he was into Dugin’s 4th Political Theory, but I think they have different visions of return to “traditional” societies. I wonder what his solution is for finding a place for non-hetero people in 150 strong post-apocalyptic communities ? Maybe have a look at how the Amish deal with such things ?


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