Paul Beckwith

Here’s a 2:44 teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler from Mike Ferrigan’s featured interview with Paul Beckwith:
And here’s the recording of the show!

00:07 Music –  IPCC  by Baba Brinkman
00:37 Introduction, Mike Ferrigan, Host
02:28 Harry Gibbs – Extreme Weather
07:41 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Paul Beckwith
41:02 Benjamin The Donkey – Life’s Conclusion
41:19 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Peter Wadhams
57:47 Music – Between The Pines by Rura
62:20 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes
89:23 Benjamin The Donkey – The Ruba’iyat
90:20 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker
98:29 Lisa White – Time to Nourish
102:49 Zhiwa Woodbury – Planetary Hospice
114:24 Michael Adzema – Take One Action
128:24 John Compost Cossham – The Vagaries of Facebook
133:36 Sign-Off, Mike Ferrigan, Host

Author: ExtinctionRadio

A Study of Near-Term Human Extinction

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