Josh Fox

Here’s a 2:23 teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler from John Compost Cossham’s featured interview with Josh Fox:

Hear the show Here

00:00 Music from Cheryl Hillier, Another Way, and Baba Brinkman, IPCC
03:39 Intro by Mike Ferrigan, Host
08:58 Benjamin the Donkey – Doomer Desiderata
10:32 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Harry Gibbs: Financial Report
18:17 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker: Peter Russell, Blind Spot
38:11 John Compost Cossham – Conversation with Josh Fox: Let Go and Love
68:40 Music from Mimi German, Waiting on a Plane
72:34 Lisa White – Choosing Courage Over Fear
82:08 Michael Adzema – People Are Fucking Nuts
92:00 Music from Robin Greenstein, West Coast Swing
95:25 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes and Peter Wadhams: Arctic Update
133:40 Outro by Mike Ferrigan, Host

Author: ExtinctionRadio

A Study of Near-Term Human Extinction

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