Dahr Jamail

Here’s a 3:58 teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler from Mike Ferrigan’s featured interview with Dahr Jamail:

Hear the show Here

Part 1
00:00 Music from Baba Brinkman, IPCC
00:37 Intro by Mike Ferrigan, Host
03:46 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Harry Gibbs: Weather Report
14:02 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Dahr Jamail
49:48 Benjamin The Donkey – What to Do?
50:16 Lisa White – The Power of Choice
59:44 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes: Climate News

Part 2
00:00 Music from Ali Hutton, Rhian’s Tune
03:49 Michael Adzema – Why Women Come Under Attack and The War on Nature
14:00 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Paul Beckwith – Climate Systems Roundup
58:54 John Compost Cossham – Richard Clare
69:47 Benjamin The Donkey – Junk, When Gas Is Passed, Reframing
70:33 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker: Return to Joy
76:50 Poetry from Bob Preece
86:28 Outro by Mike Ferrigan, Host

Author: ExtinctionRadio

A Study of Near-Term Human Extinction

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