Guy McPherson

Here’s a teaser created by Rick Siegenthaler from the featured interview with Guy McPherson by Jennifer Hynes:

And here are the recordings of the show!

Part One

00:00 Music by Baba Brinkman, IPCC; Intro, Mike Ferrigan, Host
05:55 Jennifer Hynes – Conversation with Guy McPherson
46:00 Limericks of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey
46:27 Music by Robin Greenstein, West Coast Swing
49:48 Lisa White – Fueling Passion
58:14 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Carolyn Baker and Andrew Harvey: Sacred Activism
99:40 Limericks of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey
99L57 Torstein Viddal – Donald Globe
106:48 Michael Adzema – Message to the Half Born
117:50 Outro, Mike Ferrigan, Host

Part Two

00:00 Intro, Mike Ferrigan, Host
00:41 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Kenn Orphan
63:50 Music by Phat Bollard, Millionaires
66:55 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Harry Gibbs: Financial and Extreme Weather Report
85:39 Music by Cheryl Hillier, From the Trickle Comes the Wave
90:28 Jennifer and Mike in Conversation
134:16 Limericks of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey
134:30 John Compost Cossham – On Activism
145:57 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Paul Beckwith
192:05 Outro, Mike Ferrigan, Host; Music by Phat Bollard, Millionaires

Author: ExtinctionRadio

A Study of Near-Term Human Extinction

1 thought on “Guy McPherson”

  1. If the threat of nuclear annihilation couldn’t move the needle of a doomsday clock very far from midnight, the threat of climate change has about as much chance of changing human perceptions as much as an elephant is likely to swim across the Pacific. Unless the grass under our feet is burning, we’ll be looking at fires from afar. It’s not the observations that we are in deep trouble that is the problem, but knowing what to do about it, providing of course that it’s not too late to do so.


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