Are you feeling despair about your future? the future of humanity? the future of life itself on our beautiful blue, green, and brown planet? Join the Near Term Human Extinction Support Group on Facebook and tell our empathic peer community about it! Or are you feeling strong enough to offer support to others who are struggling? Join the Near Term Human Extinction Support Group on Facebook and respond to a request for empathic peer support from a community member.

The NTHE SG is designed to facilitate a forum for friendly and non-threatening discussion about issues of concern, primarily revolving around various environmental threats to human survival. Based on trends determined by scientific research, members have accepted that human extinction is inevitable in the near term due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and its consequences, including nuclear fallout. Physical causes such as wars, environmental degradation due to habitat destruction, and pandemic health threats leading to NTHE are also considered.

We share information about the specific symptoms of our earth’s illness and on the social, psychological, philosophical, spiritual, and emotional consequences of living with the knowledge that the world may soon be free of humans. Due to the sensitive and vulnerable nature of what is shared, it is a closely-monitored closed group. Click Description in the sidebar for complete rules of conduct and posting guidelines.