Series 4

Extinction Radio Series 4 launched in November 2016 when Jennifer Hynes joined Mike Ferrigan as co-producer and they launched the Extinction Radio dot net website. As usual, shows are listed in the right sidebar in chronological order by featured guest, or find it in the index below and click the date. (Clicking the name of the featured guest will bring you to their website.)

8 February 2017Deb Ozarko
25 January 2017 – Stuart Scott
11 January 2017 – Guy McPherson
28 December 2016 – Peter Wadhams
14 December 2016 – Gail Tverberg
7 December 2016Kevin Hester *
30 November 2016 – Tiokasin Ghosthorse
25 November 2016 – Hollie Stenson*
17 November 2016Deb Ozarko
3 November 2016 Dahr Jamail

*In order to provide in-depth coverage for special interest topics, Susan Livingston began producing occasional supplementary shows.